Wire Decking

Open Wire Decking is used in most warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants.Wire Decking is a durable way for storage it helps prevent pallets from falling through the rack structure. Wire decking complies with local fire codes providing and open deck so i case of a fire the heat can reach the warehouse sprinklers which allows water to go through the wire decking and put the fire out. Wire decking is ideal for hand stacking cartons and provides a deck shelf for storage of various product sizes and changing inventory.

Wire Deck Styles:

  • Step
  • Flared
  • Inside Waterfall
  • Flat Flush Fit
  • Inverted Step
  • Inverted Flared
  • Upturned/Reversed Waterfall
  • Flat Deck for Shelving

Wire Carts

Wire Carts come in a variety of sized to meet all your specific your material handling needs and are manufactured to meet your highest of standards. Wire Carts are highly maneuverable with swivel caster wheels and a standard of four shelves for transporting products around a warehouse, office or store quick, and easy. Herbert and Associates offer a wide range of wire shelving for your storage solution need and can be utilized in a commercial or industrial applications as well as for in home. Wire shelving is a useful storage solution, shelves can be adjusted to make more storage available to your needs.

Wire partitions

Wire partitions are used for separation, security and safety and are commonly used in a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facilities for machine guarding, tool guarding and general/inventory areas. Wire partitions are also used for security purposes computer server/data storage, storage for evidence or temporary holding cells for law enforcement. Wire partitions allows you to design to your specific needs to your warehouse.


Wire enclosures can be used to create a self-secure storage enclosure to section off an existing room where good will be secured in open sight viewing the property that is stored, options of shelving, lock and door options are available to fit your enclosure needs.