Lockers are ideal for colleges, high school, locker rooms, changing rooms and gyms with one long door with a lock, one shelf inside to accommodate personal items and coat hooks for hanging items.

Single Tier Storage Lockers:

  • Single Tier lockers include a double coat hook and shelf for personal items to be stored.
  • All Lockers are one long door and are Fully assembled when shipped.
  • Locker accessories are sold separately. (End Panels, and Flat Tops which finish exposed white sides of locker).

Double Tier Storage Lockers:

Double tier 3-wide steel locker features two openings per locker, giving you twice as many lockers and space, yet providing plenty of hanging room for shirts, jackets and personal items. Heavy-duty steel construction stands up to the toughest use while rubber bumpers, door stiffeners and locking channels cushioned with rugged polymer materials work together to virtually eliminate the clanging and banging of old lockers. Its lightweight, latching mechanism opens smoothly and easily. Locker handle is recessed inside door face for a smooth, finished look and is more vandal-resistant and safer than protruding handles. Special accessories options are available: key locks, combination locks, coin locks, mesh doors, engraved logos and number plates.

Triple Tier Storage Lockers:

Triple-Tier Lockers give three employees a safe, secure place to store their personal belongings. These sturdy lockers feature 16-gauge steel doors and frames, with 24-gauge steel body panels. Comes with a one-piece, stainless steel handle. A full-length hinge protects fingers from pinching and ensures that your door won’t pull away from the locker frame. The three openings have a double hook for hanging coats, hats and bags, as well as a bottom shelf for books and other items. Triple-Tier Lockers are available in several colors to match nearly any hallway or locker room decor. This model ships fully assembled.

Box Lockers Storage Lockers:

Box Lockers offer space-saving storage for employees with 18 separate lockable compartments. The openings offer plenty of space to store coats, purses and other personal belongings, and the welded padlock hasps let you securely lock each compartment. These box lockers are made of 18-gauge steel with 24-gauge steel body panels. A full-length piano hinge protects fingers from pinching and ensures that your door won’t pull away from the locker frame. Box Lockers are available in three popular sizes and two colors to match nearly any decor. Choose from assembled or assembled lockers.