Selective Pallet Rack Systems

Our Selective Pallet Rack System is perfect for storing your pallets and keeping them securely in place while remaining easily accessible. Using reliable structures and a premium build quality, you can rest assured they will perform well and look the part for your business.

These are roll-formed selective pallet rack systems that utilize a patented beam-to-beam frame connection for superior stability. Available with either bolted or welded frames and with industry-beating construction and build quality.

What Are Selective Pallet Rack Systems?

Pallet racks are of course where you will store your pallets and where you will retrieve them for easy access. If you run a logistics company, or you have a large warehouse filled with inventory, then chances are this is where a lot of your workflow will take place and your turnover and revenue is likely tied directly to your ability to easily stack and retrieve your pallets.

Selective pallet racking is a system that provide easier accessibility for all products at all times, which allows for a quick turnover of inventory and easy restocking. This is the preferred method of choice for big box distribution, as well as for retail stores, inventory rooms, cold storage and more.

A selective rack will only be one pallet deep, with no more than two racks placed back-to-back. This ensures that items are always easy to reach from the aisles. This is ideally suited to a ‘FIFO’ (First In, First Out) racking type, which means that the last stock added will also be the first removed. This means items are not ‘queued’ to leave and it allows for much more rapid retrieval of relevant stock. FIFO is also ideal for perishable items or items with shorter shelf lives.

Our Selective Pallet Rack Systems

A good non-structural selective pallet racking system will utilize load beams that are roll formed members with a small step designed to hold pallets in place. We offer welded or bolted frames that will keep your systems safely in place and a unique, patented beam-to-beam frame connection that offers the most rigid and reliable structure possible. This is a unique design that you won’t find anywhere else and it provides more peace of mind and better performance than you can get with any of the competition. The unique and thoughtful design of our racking systems also provides protection against damage, tampering or accidental disengagement – all things that could result in serious damage or injury.

Additionally, our selective rack solution is built to look the part in your warehouse and to stay looking as good as new over time. Our thoughtful design ensures that it will be as easy as possible to retrieve the items you need, while our attention to detail and meticulous workmanship means you can 100% rely on the best quality product.

Don’t settle for cheaper alternatives that may not have built with the same quality or with the same safety in mind. Accidents involving pallets can not only be incredibly costly to your business but also potentially very dangerous, leading to injury and time off work. Be safe in the knowledge that Herbert & Associated Inc. has designed a racking system capable of easily handling even the largest and heaviest items.

Despite offering the very best quality in selective rack solutions and our unique structure with the very best stability, our selective racking systems are also highly affordable so that even smaller businesses can experience them. Selective racking systems are actually the most cost effective solutions for storing inventory and we have worked hard to keep costs low so that we can deliver a highly competitive price. Our exact quote depends on the size of your premises and your storage requirements but get in touch because you may just be pleasantly surprised!

Uses for Selective Pallet Rack Systems

Our selective pallet rack systems are ideally suited to any organization that needs to store and turnover large amounts of inventory and that wants to streamline workflow while keeping its staff safe and happy. Selective pallet racking is the optimum choice for rapid turnover using a FIFO inventory management system and allows for immediate access to any item.

There are multiple uses for selective pallet rack systems beyond the usual applications. Double depth racking for instance (where four racks are stacked back-to-back) will provide increased storage capacity where you don’t need as rapid turnover. Our selective rack systems can also be used for the construction of rack-supported buildings for simpler storage requirements.

This versatility also extends to the wide range of


Overall, ordering selective pallet racking from Herbert and Associates will provide a wide range of impressive benefits:

  • Easy access to all pallets at all times
  • Ideal for simple FIFO inventory management
  • Suitable for any volume, weight or size of inventory
  • The most affordable form of racking at a very competitive rate
  • Patented beam-to-frame connection that prevents dangerous and costly accidents
  • Fantastic, thoughtful, premium design and build quality
  • Highly versatile – can be double stacked, no specific type truck necessary

Order Your Selective Pallet Racking Today!

No matter the size of your business, our selective rack systems can meet your storage requirements and help you improve your turnover, safety and workflow.

As well as priding ourselves on our fantastic range of products, we also make customer service a top priority. Our mission is to provide you with the very best service every step of the way, which means talking you through your options and providing you with a tailored solution that’s perfect for your organization. It means speedy delivery, help with construction where required and an all-round easy experience that aims to minimize disruption and help you to start making use of your new systems as soon as possible. Our job is to make your job easier.

That’s why we’re very happy to offer a free consultation and price quote and to answer any questions you might have. If you’re interested in ordering our selective pallet racking systems, then just get in touch and we’ll get started.